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GUM Research

Welcome to G.U.M. Research!

G.U.M. Research is the website that facilitates and interprets Dr. Jamie Stroud's on-going research.  (G.U.M. stands for Gay United Methodists)

The primary component of this reseach is accomplished through a survey that is available to gay, lesbian, and bisexual United Methodists, asking the question, "Why do lay and clergy, gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgendered United Methodists remain loyal to and/or affiliated with the United Methodist Church?"

If you are an LGBT UM* and haven’t completed the G.U.M. research questionnaire, don’t remain voiceless. It’s your church, too! Complete a survey now.

Meanwhile, this website may be of use to you in a variety of ways...

* NOTE: Throughout this web site, I use UM to mean United Methodist; UMC for United Methodist Church; AC for Annual Conference; GC for General Conference; UMM for United Methodist Men; and UMW for United Methodist Women. When I refer to the denomination or the Church with a capital ‘C’, I am meaning the United Methodist Church as a body. When I refer to local church or use church with a lower case ‘c’, I am referring to specific or local UM churches of which individuals are members. When I write of United Methodists (UMs), I am referring to individuals who are members of the United Methodist Church. Members are those individuals who have taken vows of membership in the UMC. RMN refers to Reconciling Ministries Network and RC to a Reconciling Congregation. PRN stands for Parents Reconciling Network.  If these terms are not familiar to you, please refer to the Reference section -- specifically Structure of the UMC and Terms and Definitions